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Drama Games

Drama Games

Experiential therapy is used to locate repressed feelings and re-experience them. Once we feel them in the present, we can come to terms with them and put them in their proper perspective. We can use our energies to truly enter into the moment with all our awareness. The quality of our happiness lies in our ability to experience what is around us. Feelings are often attached to roles. When we experiment with different roles we gain information about our personal history and play with new possibilities for change. Games help us to increase concentration, develop thinking skills and to coordinate thought, emotion and action. They are a way to allow humor and fun to enter into the therapeutic process.

This book is designed to help participants get in touch with and express buried feelings in a safe and structured way and to offer training in the ability to be creative and spontaneous.


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The Drama Within

The Drama Within

Here is the first comprehensive book on psychodrama, the experiential therapy rapidly gaining pop

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